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Shore Leave by katfeete Shore Leave by katfeete
My second novel has been bothering me for a rewrite lately -- yeah, because I have time for that. On the other hand it's also been producing some nicely compelling details I missed out on in my first hamhanded pass. The story was set on a space station from the start, but I apparently missed what sort of station by a mile. A mundelle, or little world, is essentially a hollow tube being spun on its axis to provide sufficient gravity to the tube's inner surface for comfortable human habitation; in-setting these provide a home for most of the human population while they wait for the various terraforming projects to complete. Upsides: comfortable, stable, no weather, poisonous wildlife trying to kill you (some of the terriforming projects went a little... wrong.) Downsides: no weather, completely manicured, temperature-controlled, and boring, thoroughly "wired" so there's nowhere to hide from the cops (or, for that matter, your parents), can't build more than one story high without running into gravitational weirdness. Also the sight of upside-down buildings a few miles over your head upsets some people.

There are no personal vehicles on a mundelle. Most transport is via the trawl system which runs a circuit around the station. The top of the trawl, well into the low-grav section, can support vehicles, but they are generally reserved for emergencies, maintenance, mid-sized cargo transport, and VIP travel.

So no. No, they're really not supposed to be doing that....
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